MAG-M Agro Impart is a registered Ghanaian company that undertakes, consultancy and agricultural extension services and out-grower development and support. MAG-M Agro Impart has a group of dedicated experts. It is a member of the Committee Linking Entrepreneurship – Agriculture – Development (COLEAD) with a mandate to provide expert training for companies within the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

MAG-M Agro Impart also has experts with GlobalG.A.P farm assurers licence to provide farm assurance services to clients for GlobalG.A.P certifications options 1 and 2. We also are active producers in fruits and vegetables and so for every consultancy /advice proffered to clients is a tried and tested one that stands the test of time. With more than eight years in the industry, we have strived to only work with best and suited personnel who are adept with their work so with us all needs and concerns get prompt and needed attention, respect to clients and completion of tasks within schedule is our hallmark. We are marchinng towards greater heights to emerge as a leading company in providing consultancy and advisory services for the facilitating development of Agri / horticulture and the Food processing industry in Ghana.


Our mission is to promote Good agricultural practices that lead to quality, health risk-free produce.


Our vision is to serve consumers with quality and healthy farm produce that have been produced with good agricultural practices with the high regard for the environment.

Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Moral Ethics
Teamwork, Commitment, Positivity
Environmental Awareness & Protection